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How to Scout?

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1 How to Scout? on Tue May 30, 2017 1:55 pm


Supreme Command
Supreme Command
Scouters will scout around the hotel rooms for potential SS members and invite them into SS. It means you will try to recruit other people outside the base to join the SS.

Why is scouting important? because it maintains the room population and keeps it high.
Despite of our agency’s reputation, scouting new members is still very important.

What you have to do:

1) 1st create a message. (Example)
"Join [S]ecret [S]ervice Now Pays 5c-25c every Saturday ^^ Add me and stalk"
"Need Credit for HC? Add me to get a job Now in the Secret Service."

2) Go to a room
  -Go to at least 6 different rooms
  -Go to Clubnx and talk to people

3) Bring them to Secret Service
   -Guide them to the front desk
   -Ask the Front Desk to guide them through and give them a motto and badge
   -Lastly, Train them and screenshot it

4) Don’t forget to screenshot and add it in your portfolio!

Weekly requirements: minimum is always 2-3 days a week. [to be logged in your portfolio.]

- Have to recruit 3-4members within 1 week. (Weekly)

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