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Scouting Updates

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1 Scouting Updates on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:47 pm


Supreme Command
Supreme Command
Updates & New Changes in Scouting:

- All scouters will now make ALT accounts. For example “SS-Yourname”

- You will be receiving Free monthly HC ONLY for the scouting ALT accounts, which will be provided by Rick.

- The account should only be used for advertising purposes.

- Anyone found abusing and using the account for anything else will be disciplined severely.  

Remember the scouting procedure:

1) 1st create a message. (Example)
"Join [S]ecret [S]ervice Now Pays 5c-25c every Saturday ^^ Add me and stalk"
"Need Credit for HC? Add me to get a job Now in the Secret Service."

2) Go to a room

 -Go to at least 6 different rooms
 -Go there and talk to people

3) Add them as a friend
-Answer any possible questions
- Tell them about what we do in SS.

4) Bring them to the Secret Service
  -Guide them to the front desk
  -Ask the Front Desk to guide them through and give them a motto and badge
  -Lastly, Train them and screenshot it

5) Don’t forget to screenshot and add it in your portfolio!

Your Main Aim:
- You  need to ADD as much people and then invite them to Secret Service
- Talk to them and make them to join SS family (Not by force)

- You're in the sales business
-  SS is the product
Go sell it!

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2 Re: Scouting Updates on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:48 pm


Supreme Command
Supreme Command
Post the name of your ALT's in this thread :

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