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Scouters Resting Day

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1 Scouters Resting Day on Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:20 am


Public Affairs Scouters Resting Day will be on Monday

ALL PORTFOLIOS will be marked every MONDAY as well therefore whoever do not scout on Monday as that will be your resting day Razz

How do we mark your portfolio? We will base on the following:
1. How many times you scout per week
2. How many recruits you've recruited

(The Minimum Requirement for scouters is 2-3 days per week, Recruits is only count as some bonus)

You might also wondering how do we know whether you've recruited?
Now pay attention and read the following screenies you need.
-The person being approached by you in a public room
-The person being brought to SS base with Recruit motto and badge
-The person being trained with Trainee motto / Training logs

This will be started implementing from September Onwards.

There you are. We've come to an end Razz
Any questions? Feel free to ask in the PA chat or PM us bounce


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